About me

I am a Yoga Teacher and Permaculture Designer

I am a certified Yoga Alliance Professionals Teacher with over 500 hours of teacher training and more than 5 years worth of teaching experience. I have been practising Yoga since the age of 16.

Alongside my yoga journey I have also undertaken degrees in Biology and Anthropology, and in the last few years have practised and studied Permaculture. I’ve lived in Eco-villages and intentional communities, and am now focused on Permaculture Design in the urban context of Bristol, where I live with my partner and many many plants!

My greatest intention as a Yoga teacher is to share a practice that grounds. In these very strange and turbulent times, there is nothing more powerful than to feel deeply connected to our bodies and to Nature. Both Yoga and Permaculture give us tools to ground ourselves in reality and to live more harmoniously within ourselves and the life that surrounds us.

Where have I lived and learnt?

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