About me

My name is Mara – I’m a Permaculture Designer, Urban Food Grower, and sometimes writer.

I started my journey by studying Biology and Anthropology, but quickly realised that I needed a more hands-on experience to really get what growing and living “sustainably” might mean. So, I studied Permaculture and Ecosystem restoration, as well living in eco-villages and intentional communities for a fuller flavour.

Most recently I’ve become fascinated with Urban Growing and what that can bring to people in cities (the majority of us). I’m most interested in how growing can give us tools to ground ourselves in reality and to live more harmoniously within ourselves and the life that surrounds us.

I’m now keenly experimenting in Bristol, where I live with my partner and many many plants!

Where have I lived and learnt?

In my day job I do Communications for the Sustainable Food Trust – find me on Linkedin by clicking the icon below 🙂

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