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Have a little peruse below for some of my written work on food, growing, permaculture design, and how these topics can take us a long way in improving our relationships to ourselves, others, and ultimately our relationship to the rest of Nature.

Everyone can grow

This article is adapted from the original posted by the Biodynamic Land Trust and entitled: Life begins the day you start a garden. There is an ancient Chinese proverb that states; “Life begins the day you start a garden”. This is a wonderful sentiment, but unfortunately one that currently feels out of reach for many…

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Why modern agriculture is not sustainable, why we desperately need to adopt alternatives, and why you are not hearing this message.

At first glance it seems that the way we do agriculture has only improved. That in the past 200 years the methodology of agriculture has become more efficient, less physically demanding, more productive, and thus its products have become more affordable. The true cost of these so-called improvements, however, is rarely brought to the light.…

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