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What is Permaculture?

This is a huge and very encompassing question as Permaculture is not easy to define. I always say that Permaculture is a way of working with Nature, rather than against it. All human endeavours in order to be sustainable, or better yet, regenerative, need to work on the understanding that we are a part of Nature, and that we don’t just stand on top of it, or command it.

The word Permaculture comes from the combination of Permanent and Agriculture – thus permanent culture –> Perma-culture. I find this breakdown useful, especially in light of how we are mostly conducting ourselves at the moment. Human activity as it stands today is leading us on a sure and steady course to self-destruction. I know that this sounds very dramatic, but it is indeed the truth. Permaculture offers a different way to view our relationship to the Planet on which we live, and the rest of the life that we share it with.

Permaculture, and ecosystem restoration, offers us a fresh, albeit it ancient, perspective with which we can re-imagine our relationships – our human ecology. It encourages us to look at the patterns of Nature, and to figure out ways that our needs can be met whilst not destroying the resources around us.

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Allotment-style community garden in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Designed remotely with tuition and team-building activities.

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