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Here are some projects I have been involved in – shared in their evolving form, from design 1.0, through to completion – so watch this space 🙂

A small urban patio garden

For London-based couple Aly and Mike, who run TrueBear TV. This little garden design is simple yet dynamic, and will come into full figure in 2-3 years, the photos below begin to mark the transformation.

To see the garden design click the link below.

A community allotment-style garden

For biotechnology company Takeda, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, from April – August 2021. This project was conceived and designed remotely. The building and maintenance of the garden involved a group of 57 employees. It was coordinated by Joris Bracelli, and a course on how to implement each design element was taught by me, online and in French.

To read the full design follow the link below, and to see an exemplar course segment – click here.

A mini urban food jungle

For London-based lawyer Arani Chakrabarty, an old neighbour of mine, who wanted to explore growing food in the shared garden of his home. In less than 5 months we were able to transform the least-looked after bottom of the garden into a veritable food jungle!

In this design we focused on compost and mulch, creating shelter and collecting rainwater (since the garden has no access to water). As Arani was trying growing for the first time, we went for some low-tech planters, easy-to-grow plants that wouldn’t be ravished by slugs, and that could be delivered as plugs. Then we had lots of little lessons on gardening and Permaculture, and left it up to Arani’s green fingers, lots of sunshine and rain!

A children’s nursery learning garden

For London-based Montessori-style nursery Playhood I designed a learning garden. Due to the garden being used as an extension of the nursery there was lots of running around on the grass in winter which turned the lawn to mud, and thus Playhood decided to lay down fake grass. The resulting design allows learning and interacting with Nature even in the smallest spaces.

To learn more about the specifics of the garden design – click on the link below.

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