Weekly Yoga Classes

My intentions for each class

The intention of each class is to provide a safe and nurturing space to explore mindful breathing, strength, agility, and grounded-ness. In these turbulent times, sometimes a good stretch can really provide a much needed sense of expansion.

Each week we will be exploring a nice and simple routine of Hatha/Ashtanga postures (asanas), some breathing techniques (pranayama), and 5-10 minutes of meditation. Tools that you can take with you to ground yourself, and to relax throughout the rest of the week.

As well as classes in person, I also offer bi-monthly recordings, so that you can practice at your own leisure, no matter where you are.

How to get involved

Everyone is welcome, no matter what your previous experience of practising Yoga is.

If you cannot make it to the classes in person, or you are too busy – you can subscribe to bi-monthly hour-long recorded sessions that will arrive straight into your inbox.

An example class recording

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Private classes

I also offer private classes for individual people, companies, schools, university groups, sports teams and religious groups. So if that’s what you’re after email me at hello@piedixetrra.org . Prices depend on the size of the groups, but generally range between £50-£100 per hour for groups, and £20-50 for individuals.

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